Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Whine & Cheese

Allow me to introduce myself:
I am single, in my 30s and currently living with my sister, brother-in-law, their newborn baby, a dog and a rabbit. Life has brought me to this place by......chance? or my mistakes? Preferably I would like to say it is by chance, I mean I never would have thought that I would be here at 32. By here I mean never been married, no child, somewhat jobless and living "at home". But I am here and I own it. Plus, I have to say, there are some benefits to it....such as my sister is a great cook & psychologist (by nature not trade), my brother-in-law (with his dry humor) cracks me up all the time, I am totally in love with my nephew, the dog is my running partner and the rabbit....well, let's just say that little guy is still alive well after he should have kicked the bucket. So with all the mistakes I made along the way to get here, I am here. Hopefully I am not going to "over stay my welcome" once this blog my sister and I are creating gets up and running ~ If you know what I mean!

So this must make me the married, somewhat older, wiser (definitely wrinklier & fatter) older sister that said younger singleton above has come to live with. Truthfully it was by design (is there a thing called "design intervention"?) husband and I are teachers in a community that happens to be the 3rd most expensive in the US and teach at a school that is in one of the 5 lowest paying districts in the I came to the decision after all these years to actually have a kid it happened to occur at the exact moment my sis was in crisis. She was laid off, the victim of a ex we refer to as Douche Bigalow, and well...I needed daycare that was family and free. Wow how the universe works to save us all at times. So, by design intervention she is here as the best Auntie Hottie there is and I am here to help her not only get a man but come on, to help her gain confidence, insight, the meaning of self, how to be empowered and well yes, keep her as an indentured servant until all of the realization factors above turn her against me.

Together with the amount of whining, cheesiness, wine we imbibe and cheese we consume it is the perfect scenario for a 21st century family.


  1. This blog is gonna be good! I can't wait to hear more adventures of sister number 1 and 2!

  2. Hey, visiting from Kirsten's blog!

    From the beginning of this post I was wondering if it was about ME?? I am 32 and never married and I TOO call my baby daddy (that's when I knew it WASN'T about me, lol) Douche Bigalow PLUS the male giggalo part.

    Looking forward to reading more!

  3. Ooooh ladies, I can see this is worth following!

  4. If you get to poor n' hungry you can always fry up the poor, forsaken rabbit!
    Gotta have faith and and confidence... all will work out for the best.
    Thank God for free rent and a free babysitter...