Thursday, September 10, 2009

Liar Liar Computer on Fire!

Sister 1
What is with guys lying online? I don’t get it! In order to even place a profile you have to go through pages and pages of “about you”. Depending on the site, it can take hours to fill out. From favorite things to do, eat, music, dislikes, religion, etc. The one I’m on took me, Sister 2 and another friend about 45 minutes and a bottle of wine to make mine complete. And when we were done it was (is) great and honest.

So what is with guys lying online? Do they think we women are desperate? Do they think because we are online we are easy and eager to have “anything”? I came across this profile of a guy my family and I know and he’s (1) lying about his age by at least 4 years, (2) says he’s never been married and truthfully he’s divorced and (3) says he has no children, in which he has three girls! I don’t get it! All of these things are products of who he is…so why would he lie?

I’m telling you, if he weren’t a dentist and going to clean my teeth and fix a cavity for free, then I would TOTALLY call him out!

Sister 2
Well, darling, this is because people lie, period. Would anyone want a date with a divorcee who has 3 kids? NO. He can reel the unsuspecting lady in then reveal the big surprise much later after he has cleaned & bleached her teeth so many times for free she is addicted to how they look & by then she will be so enamored it won’t matter. THIS is what he is thinking.

Guys lie in bars. Guys lie at the gym. Guys lie to tell the lady whatever it is they think she wants because guys want to have sex, & this is how they succeed in getting it. Girls lie about their age, lie about their interests so theirs match his, girls lie about how much time they spend getting ready, that they LOVE giving head, & this is all because we want him to fall in love with us. We decide they are perfect for us so then we begin proving it to them by…well…in many cases lying, especially to ourselves. How many times have you said you liked something you really didn’t care for that much just to be agreeable? SEE? Then we wonder why he changed when it doesn’t work out…hmmm.

Never forget that men give love for sex & women give sex for love. A man will tell you he loves you to get laid…women will lay a guy to hear “I love you”. It’s all in the wiring. Many women forget this & fall into the trap time & time again. We think we can do it & walk away…but by the time you are at the car you are picking out what to wear the next time you two go out, completely forgetting there will not be a next time, he got what he came for (literally) & you did too…& now you are breaking the rules because you lied to him & to yourself from the beginning.

Dating on-line is just another bar scene. There are genuine relationship-minded people out there & there are lying liars who only want to hook up. Break the mold & stop lying. Then you have the power.


  1. Where do I find a dentist who will clean my teeth for free?! Who cares if he's lying to me about his kids at the time?
    Did I miss the point of your post?

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